Energy and Urban Redevelopment


As a consultant for – not only – municipal processes and structures - I can fall back on 20 years of experience in urban structures. For me, bringing together the various stakeholders (politics, administration, economy and citizens) is the essential ingredient for successful projects.

Communication, cooperation and creativity (C³) - from my point of view - are basic ingredients for a successful project management and strategy implementation. Of course, a step-by-step approach is crucial. But, much more than this, I believe that we have to recognize opportunities as they arise as chances for development.

Similar to the evolution of tactics in modern sports games, such as football (AE: soccer), it is important to understand our roles and interactions in a systems with an open mind for positive surprise. Trust (intuitive understanding) and especially pleasure about what we do will emerge as “positive side effects”.

For certain you have to get lost to find the places, that can´t be found. Elseways everyone would know where it was!
Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean, At World´s End

Since 2007 I work as a freelance consultant to municipalities, networks, companies and state organisations both nationally and internationally.

I started my public service career in 1994, working in the fields of waste management and sustainable energy action plans; from 2001 until 2014 as Head of the Energy Department in Freiburg, Germany.

I am a Geographer (PhD) with an incremental pleasure for travel, married with two children. I live in Freiburg, Germany.

I play football as long as I can remember (with coaching licence) and I practice Yoga for more than 25 years.

2011 September Renewable Energies – Part of a City´s Climate Protection Policy Japanese-German Center Berlin, JDZB Freiburg Vortrag und Besichtigungstour
2010 März Workshop Planen im Bestand Institut für Städtebau und Wohnungswesen München, Freiburg Vortrag und Fachdiskussion
2009 November Developing Carbon Neutral Districts, Iclei Iclei Kopenhagen, Dänemark Energy standards and concepts - Integration in city planning processes; Vortrag und Meinungsaustausch mit Planern
2009 Februar Viennergy,  Energieeffizienz-Tagung Sympos Wien, Österreich Energieeffiziente Stadtentwicklung; Vortrag und Workshop
2008 Juni Fachtagung Kommunaler Klimaschutz, Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik Difu Düsseldorf, Deutschland Kommunale Kooperationen im Klimaschutz