Titel: Municipal Energiemanagment in Ukraine: Training for local energy managers; 2nd Virtual Roundtable of Municipal Partnerships with Ukraine, Engagement Global
Inhalt: How to design and condutct interactive trainings on-site and on-line
Kontakt: Alice Balbo, German Association of Cities and Towns

Titel: Processes and structures fostering sustainable energy planning on local level –
Lessons learned; „Sustainable Urban Energy Planning in Southeast Europe (SEE)“, Connective Cities
Inhalt: Communikation, Cooperation und Creativity as basis for a municipal climate change managment in municipalities
Kontakt: Irakli Samkharadze; Regional Coordinator Connective Cities

Title: Making Smart City strategies work; Urban Futures Conference – Vienna, Austria
Content: Local governments: What can we learn from tactic, strategic and cooperation changes in modern football
Contakt: Gerald Babel-Sutter, Urban Futures Global Conference

Title: Post-Carbon-Cities of Tomorrow – Vortragsreise nach Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, USA
Content: Workshops, presentations and moderated talks on local cli-mate change policies in Europa and North America
Contakt: Ecologic-Institute; Max Gruenig, Washington, USA

Title: Urban Labatory: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities – Belgrad, Serbia
Content: Energy and City Planning – Municipal Processes and Structures
Contakt: Harald Müller, Ambero Consulting

Titel: Urban Futures Conference – Graz, Austria
Inhalt: Digital Innovation – Are our city´s structures overwhelmed by the speed of change?
Kontakt: Gerald Babel-Sutter, Urban Future Global Conference

Title: Tirana City Council Workshop on Waste Management – Tirana Albania
Content Waste Management and Waste to Energy – Part of an integrated city development strategy
Contakt: Dubravka Bosnjak, giz ORF, Sarajevo

Title: Royal Town Planning Institute- Conference – London, Great Britain
Content: The Freiburg Project. Integrating Low Carbon Policies on Local Level
Contakt: Adrian Hewitt for RTPI, Oxford

Title: IES-Abroad EU – Students from University of Tennessee-Knoxville, USA
Content: Towards Renewable Energies – The (German) Energy Transition
Contakt: Almut Meyer zu Schwabedissen, IES Abroad, Freiburg

Title: National Forum “Green Economy and Energy Efficiency” – Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Content: Sustainable Energy Action Plans – Instruments for cooperation between communities and industry!
Contakt: Dagmar Ecer , giz Ukraine

Title: World Future Cities Council: Future Cities Forum – Tianjin, China
Content: Freiburg Sustainability Policies – Challenges and Opportunities
Contakt: World Future Council, Hamburg

Title: Energy-Safe Cities – East Asia Program, Freiburg, Germany – webin
Content: Making things happen – The Freiburg Example
Contakt: Iclei, International Office, Bonn

Title: Transatlantic Urban Climate Dialogue
“Catalyzing Neighborhood-Scale Energy and Economic Redevelopment” – Berlin, Germany
Content: Integrating Energy Aspects in City Planning – Chances and Obstacles
Contakt: Miranda Schreurs, Director of Environmental Research Centre, Freie Universität Berlin

Title: Tennessee Valley Solar Solutions Conference – Memphis, USA
“Catalyzing Neighborhood-Scale Energy and Economic Redevelopment” – Berlin, Germany
Content: Energy Security, Economic Growth, and Renewable Energy Policy – Perspectives from the Local Level
Contakt: Transatlantic Climate Bridge

Title: GIZ Training – “Cities and Climate Change ”
“Catalyzing Neighborhood-Scale Energy and Economic Redevelopment” – Berlin, Germany
Content: “Cities and Climate Change: Strategies and actions for Technical Cooperation to contribute to sustainable urban development”
Contakt: Carmen Vogt, GIZ Sector Project Policy Advice for Urban Development, Eschborn