“Putting the ball in the net is what counts” Football adage


CHANGE PROCESSES are individually overseen by me in the form of moderated dialogues or workshops. It´s important for me to analyse and “appreciate” the existing structures and processes. Changes and improvements can only take place in consideration of the situational needs.

Communication and cooperation lie at the forefront of these activities, but they are not an end in themselves. Improvements must always refer back to (existing) goals or resolutions and lead to concrete implementation.



Structural and process work in line with:

  • Municipal Climate Change Management (MCCM), climate adaptation and the circular economy
  • Climate-adapted and energy-efficient urban development processes
  • Municipal sustainability strategies and resilient future design
  • Joint definition of the task and clarification of the project objective as a common thread and point of reference
  • Status-quo analysis and elaboration of internal dynamics and interests
  • Development of options for action including a common understanding and benefits for stakeholders
  • Developing mutual understanding and benefit for all involved
  • (First) steps in project implementation and ongoing reflection of the agreed responsibilities, tasks and goals
    International development cooperation, including Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz), government organisations, ministries

    Cities and municipalities at national and international level. In Germany: Munich, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, Constance, Wiesbaden, Ludwigsburg County Administration. International: Lviv in Ukraine, Madison in the US.

    City networks for climate change action and sustainability: Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, Iclei, World Future Council, Sustainable Cities International – Vancouver

    Institutes: Ifeu-Institut – Heidelberg, Oeko-Institut – Freiburg, Fraunhofer Society, Ecologic Institute – Washington DC, German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) – Berlin

    Universities: TU Berlin, FU Berlin, University of Freiburg, University of Luxembourg

    Energy agencies: eza! Energie- und Umweltzentrum Allgäu; Energieagentur Regio Freiburg

    Energy suppliers: badenova AG – Freiburg, BC Hydro – Vancouver